Digital Marketing Services Elevated

Lasserk reaches people all over the world through selected media-channels and owned media. Contact us and let us explain how we can reach your target audience.

Effective and reliable Marketing

Data-driven approach for high efficiency

Data is a central part of our way of our operation and it permeates all stages of our workflow process. In everything from initial planning, strategy work, development and optimization, data forms the basis for decision-making. This allows us to work efficiently and goal-oriented in a scalable manner.

To manage and process the large amounts of data we receive, we use advanced software that provides a good overview of relevant metrics and other measurement points. In this way, we can easily offer cost-effective marketing at scale, all over the world.

Why Lasserk?

Owned Media

We develop niche information pages that everyone can take part in. It gives us exclusive traffic in lucrative fields.


Thanks to many years of experience in the field, we have developed cost-effective methods to reach your target group.


We work on performance-based revenue models only. Set your goals and pay for actual results.