Affiliate Marketing Lasserk

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based business model where one party (the affiliate) promotes another company’s goods and/or services and gets compensated for measurable results, such as: the number of sold units or the number of downloads generated by the affiliate. The business model  has increased in popularity and the number of affiliate businesses are rapidly increasing. So why choose Lasserk? 

Lasserk Affiliate Premium Brands

Paid Media

With powerful advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other relevant advertising networks at hand, Lasserk can tailor solutions to find your company’s target audience. You can reach your desired customers anywhere in the world.

Owned Media

Get exclusive access to high-converting traffic in carefully selected markets through Lasserk’s own inventory. Lasserk own and develop websites and other channels with traffic suited for e-commerce and gaming-related companies. 

Long-Term Thinking

Long-term thinking is a key component in all of Lasserk’s ventures. Lasserk will be your loyal business partner throughout the years, constantly trying to find new innovative solutions to strengthen the cooperation. 

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