Case Study: How Lasserk helped Footall developing their digital strategy.

Footall logo
Name: Footall
Founded: 2017
Fields: Football, News, Transfers, Betting guides

About is an up-and-coming football site covering every aspect of football: from transfer rumours, upcoming fixtures and match analysis to betting tips and bookmaker reviews. The site has risen in popularity since the launch in 2017, and its articles are often featured on well-established fan sites that attract readers from across the world – English speaking countries in particular. This is not very surprising having Footall’s strong focus on Premier League in mind, and it is surely a reason why Footall quickly establish a big reader base in African countries, such as Nigeria, where the interest for the Premiership is huge. As a matter of fact, the site’s popularity in Nigeria is only outranked by the United Kingdom. 

Despite the good start, the team behind Footall have not kicked back to enjoy the ride but have rather raised the bar even further. The vision is clear: becoming one of the top football sources online. This is where Lasserk came to assist. 

Lasserk enter the field

In order to reach the new heights, Footall wanted help to further develop the website and to establish a new digital strategy. The product presented to Lasserk was in many ways perfected but there were room for some minor tweaks. After doing a thorough due diligence on the website, an action plan was delivered and most changes have now been implemented which is why we proudly can guide our readers through the process. 

1. Make a clear structure by highlighting different sections

First line of action was to make the website more structured and user-friendly. To achieve this, all webpages were reviewed and categorised according to the new navigation bar that was added in the header. The navigation bar provides a good overview and makes it easy for the user to reach the different sections of the website. These new categories were chosen based on the website’s current content and future content that were (and are to be) produced in order to change Footall’s profile. 

Another relevant change under this topic was that the featuring partners that publish Footall’s articles on their sites were all highlighted with images and links in the right hand section of the homepage, as displayed on the screenshot. This is a convenient setup for any fan that would like to read similar publications about the fan’s favourite team. 

screenshot of Footall homepage

2. Producing articles more frequently

It may sound obvious, but producing high quality content and making frequent posts are the two most important factors to attract users and growing a website. This can easily be forgotten when making big, structural changes, and that is why we really made sure that Footall not only kept its current pace but rather increased the number of articles produced with a focus on trending subjects and scoops. We could see a clear increase of traffic to Footall as an effect. 

3. Knowing your audience

Knowing your audience is a key to produce relevant content and to structure the website in an optimal way. The main field of interest (football) for Footall’s core readers is no secret, hence no work was needed in that department. However, mapping out the geographic spread to add information that are both valuable and feel native for residents outside the United Kingdom was a priority. One example where this can be displayed is the bookmaker section where more international brands are listed and reviewed (and more are yet to come). By adding a review about Unibet, Footall cover a large number of countries where the review is relevant to the readers, which makes it more likely that they grow fond of the website. The screenshot only covers the top section; the actual review is found under the page Unibet Sign Up Offer. Country specific brands that are relevant to a large portion of the traffic, such as Bet9ja and Betin, will be added in the near future to further strengthen its’ position in that region. 

screenshot of footalls page unibet signup offer

4. Translating the site to more languages

This process is planned to be initiated in May and the ambition is to offer the website in three more languages by the end of 2019. One might ask why it is necessary to offer a translated service when so many people across the globe understand English. The simple answer is that many prefer to consume news written in their native language. It is an important step in order to expanding Footall and attracting new readers that surely will appreciate being Footalls new returning reader base. 


Lasserk have a minor part in the coming work, now that the foundation is in place. A part two will be posted on this subject once there has been enough time to do a follow up. The love story is to be continued…

Lasserk heart Footall