Online Marketing

Agile, effective, scalable marketing online. We deliver high-value users and paying customers to our partners in various industries through our data-driven marketing approach. By combining traffic from some of the world’s largest advertising platforms with our exclusive inventory we possess the right tools to reach your target audience. 

Performance Marketing

Performance above all. Our performance-based way of working guarantees a dedicated partner who shares your interests and incentives to deliver the best possible outcome for each and every unique campaign. Set quantitative goals, determine the scope for the campaigns, sit back, and pay for results only.

Multi-Channel Strategy

Multi-channel strategy where scalability meets exclusivity. The multi-channel strategy we apply enables the unique combination of reaching millions of users through powerful advertising platforms while also getting access to exclusive inventory in lucrative niches such as e-commerce, finance, insurance, sports, and software. 

Data-Driven Approach

Effective and focused customer acquisition. The huge amount of data we extract from our campaigns is processed and analyzed with powerful tools to understand user behavior and quickly identifying channels and sources that are generating high-value users and customers. This facilitates the optimization process that enables us to deliver quality traffic.

Consulting Services

Media buying and strategy development. With experience and insights from many different advertising platforms and marketing channels, we have developed effective and cost-efficient strategies to boost marketing efforts. By utilizing our know-how we help clients with media buying and strategy development.

Lasserk Kurbit
Lasserk Kurbit